Hybrids, a result of the mating of two different animals, are uncommon occurrences. One of the most popular hybrids in recent years is the liger, which is a mix between a lion and a tiger. Although not encouraged, hybridization can occur naturally.

In 2014, Mama, a sheep, mated with Michael, an adorable goat at a petting zoo in Scottsdale, Arizona. Although sheep and goats are similar, they do not typically interbreed. Shockingly, Mama gave birth to a precious baby geep named Butterfly.

Butterfly’s birth surprised the petting zoo owners since they did not have a male sheep and were unaware that Mama was pregnant. The little cutie has the feet and face of a goat but possesses the adorable fluffy wool of a sheep. As far as we know, Butterfly is the only geep in the world.

We cannot get enough of Butterfly’s cuteness and hope she lives a long and happy life. >>… RELATED POST: Dog who went missing after car crash found on a farm herding sheep

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