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Bulldogs Completely Commit To “Playing Dead” To Prevent Punishment After Making Mess

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Dogs can be very comforting and a lot of fun. But they can also get into their share of trouble. Sometimes they go together, like with Bulldogs Sophia and Oliver.

When their parents weren’t around, the two puppies decided to have a puppy party, which caused some damage. So, they decided to “play dead” to put off their punishment or even avoid it.

Sophia and Oliver are absolutely adorable. And they tried to use that to their advantage after they broke a basket and chewed on the furniture when their parents weren’t around. Then, when asked if they were the ones who broke things in the living room, they both flopped on their backs and pretended to be dead.

But it wasn’t just their parents who thought it was hilarious.

Their parents took a video of how funny the dogs were when they were told what they had done wrong. They then put the video on their Facebook page. As you might have guessed, the video quickly spread across the internet, and over 3.5 million people found it funny and cute.

At the beginning of the video, Sophia is lying on her back and you can see her white, spotted belly. Her mom looks at a broken basket and asks, “Who did this?” She laughs in the background as the camera moves to her “playing dead” brother, Oliver.

It seems very likely that Oliver really has died. He doesn’t move a muscle, even though his mouth is wide open.

She calls out his name several times and even asks them again, “Who did this?” You can’t help but laugh when you see how little the very guilty dogs move and how little they react.

Before their parents walked in, it was clear that the two puppies had already agreed on the best plan. They both keep pretending to be dead and give it their all. Even when their mom taps Oliver with her foot, he doesn’t give in.

But mom knows just what to do to get them to move. She asks them if they want a “snack” because she thinks that will get them to answer. Sophia stands up almost right away. Then, little by little, Oliver also gives in.

Then, their mom starts asking them again about the mess, and Oliver goes back to laying down and acting like he’s dead. Then, when her mom comes closer, Sophia goes back to lying on her back.

You can watch the video below, which is very funny and will make you smile.

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