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Puppy Saved From Being Eaten, Shows Priceless Reaction When Getting His First Toy

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In a heartwarming moment captured on video, Snowball, a dog rescued by the Humane Society International from a South Korean dog meat farm, reacts with pure joy when given his first toy. Snowball and 22 other dogs were saved after a raid on the farm by the organization. Before his rescue, Snowball had never experienced a good day in his life, making the moment he received his first toy even more special.

After being rescued, all 23 dogs were brought to the United States. Snowball, who has been described as friendly and cute by the rescuers, will soon have a chance to find his forever home. The lucky adopter of this adorable pup will undoubtedly have a wonderful companion. Watch the heart-melting video of Snowball enjoying his new toy below. >>… RELATED POST: Cop Saved An Abandoned Puppy And Spent Hours At The Vet Making Sure She Was Well

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