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Sad Pup That Needed Her Heart Mended ‘Locks Eyes’ With Woman Who Needed Her Too

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When Sarah first met Sheba, she was in a kennel at the shelter. While all the dogs were active and barking, Sheba lay there with sad eyes as if her puppy heart was broken. Sarah gravitated towards Sheba because she understood what it was like to feel overwhelmed and lost.

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Sarah had been battling anxiety and depression and felt bringing a shelter dog into her life would benefit them both. When Sarah and Sheba went outside to the shelter’s play yard, Sarah felt a connection that instantly lifted her spirits. She knew Sheba was her soul dog and adopted her that very day.

Sheba warmed up to Sarah quickly and became her “velcro dog.” It was obvious that they were meant for one another! Sheba’s body showed signs that she had recently given birth. The mama dog needed a fresh start and thankfully got one! Her heart, which was once broken, began to mend once she was with her new mom. It’s a beautiful sight to see!

This story continues and is magical! Sheba is a reminder that there are so many deserving pets in shelters that need forever homes. If you can open your heart, and home, consider adopting a pet today! The love they can provide is truly the greatest gift!

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