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Mom Didn’t Want A “Useless” Pit Bull But Something Got In The Way

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A discarded Pit Bull named Pumpkin had a bleak future. She was “thrown away” when she contracted heartworm. But thankfully, Pumpkin’s story was far from over!

Jackie saw Pumpkin’s photo posted by Collar Inc. and immediately fell in love. However, Jackie still lives with her parents, and they said she couldn’t adopt her because they already had a dog named Shiloh. Jackie was heartbroken.

Several months later, Jackie came home and saw Shiloh upstairs. Then, oddly, she heard another collar jingling downstairs. When she ran down to investigate, she realized her parents had gotten her an early birthday present. Standing there, with a bow wrapped around her, was Pumpkin!

Jackie asked her mom what had changed her mind. And her mom replied that her mind wasn’t totally made up just yet, and they’d see how it goes. Well, it’s three years later, and Pumpkin and her family are still going strong! According to Jackie, Shiloh isn’t Pumpkin’s biggest fan, but she tolerates her like an annoying little sister. This story is too endearing to miss! Here’s to Pumpkin’s second chance!

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