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Woman Searches For Her ‘Stolen’ Dog For 8-Yrs, Then Sees A Photo Online

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On a memorable Christmas Day, Julia Nemeth and her family were overjoyed to be reunited with their lost dog, Junior, after 8 years. The pit bull was stolen from their home during a break-in when he was just a puppy.

Source (Screenshot) credit: WKYC Channel 3 – YouTube

Despite the passage of time, Julia never gave up her search and worked tirelessly for 8 years to find him. During this time, she scoured missing dog pages and shelter photos, but without luck.

Source (Screenshot) credit: WKYC Channel 3 – YouTube

However, unbeknownst to her, Junior had been at a Humane Society for two years, under the name “Buddy.” The staff at the shelter grew to love him, but he acted aloof with visitors and was returned by three different adopters.

Source (Screenshot) credit: WKYC Channel 3 – YouTube

Eventually, Julia stumbled upon “Buddy” on the society’s website and recognized him as her long-lost Junior. When they were reunited, Junior showed her affection with kisses and nuzzles, and it was clear that he still remembered his old commands.

With his familiar facial patterns and birthmarks, it was evident that he was indeed Julia’s beloved dog. Junior has now smoothly fit back into their family and is full of energy and joy. This reunion was a dream come true for Julia and her family.

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Click the video below to watch this heartwarming reunion that will truly make your day!

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