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Man Lives With Largest Wolf On The Planet And Plays With Him Like He’s A Puppy

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It’s unlikely that most of us will ever interact with a wolf. Wolves are generally wary of humans unless they have been thoroughly acclimated. However, for Andrey, it’s a different story. He lives with a black wolf named Akela, and they play together like best friends. Andrey posted a viral video of him hanging out with his wolf, and it’s amazing to watch.

Although often referred to as “black wolves,” they are actually a dark variant of the gray wolf species. This coat color is relatively rare and results from a genetic mutation.

Andrey’s “canine companion” Akela has been with him since he was a puppy, and they clearly have an incredible bond. The video begins with a “selfie shot” of Andrey and the big, beautiful wolf. Akela has gorgeous glowing eyes and a stunning dark coat, and he looks straight at the camera. He gives Andrey a nice long sniff and nips at his ear affectionately. He even puts his paws up on Andrey’s arms, climbs up onto his back, and bites and pulls at the hoodie he’s wearing.

Akela is playful and affectionate with his best friend. He continues to lick and nip at Andrey’s hood and face as the video continues. He playfully hops on his back and showers his friend with “wolf affection,” and Andrey gives him some scratches. Akela continues to lick and ask for even more affection.

It’s incredibly endearing to watch, but also a bit intimidating. Akela’s playfulness is a bit like brotherly roughhousing, and he is quite a large wolf. Not everyone would be willing to tolerate his purely primal behavior. However, wolves are pack animals, and it’s clear that Akela has accepted Andrey as part of his pack.

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Andrey does his best to take care of Akela. He created a fundraiser to ensure that Akela is well cared for and comfortable. For more amazing wolf content, follow Andrey on Instagram or subscribe to his YouTube channel. Check out the incredible video below to see Andrey and Akela’s special bond.

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