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Stray Slums Out On The Man’s Shoulder Who Just Saved Him

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Anand Raman observed a stray attempting to stay cool in the shade under a parked car while visiting his sister in Dubai on a sweltering day. The dog approached him fast, but something wasn’t quite right with his legs. However, the young dog seemed content and wagged his tail! Anand was stroking the good boy when he couldn’t help but fall in love.

Source: Anand Raman/Instagram

The dog ultimately felt pleased and at ease enough to fall asleep while on the man’s shoulder as they traveled to the veterinarian, so he was taken back to his car. He had been living on the streets and was so worn out. They discovered Snowy had rickets in both of his front legs at the hospital because of his malnutrition. However, the curable disease wouldn’t have any long-term consequences.

Snowy received a wash after being taken home by Anand. All the dirt was washed away, revealing a brilliant white coat! The name was derived from both of those things and the dog in “The Adventures of Tintin.”

Source: Anand Raman/Instagram

It took some time for the little puppy to feel at home, but that was all the rescuer wanted. The puppy was unsure of how to behave inside a house because he had spent the most of his life learning to live on the streets. Additionally, when he took Snowy for walks, the dog shown signs of fear, as if he believed he would be abandoned outside once more.

Source: Anand Raman/Instagram

But the dog eventually woke up and realized he was lost! He could finally put his past behind him because this was his forever home.

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He snoozes and waits for us to come home from work, at which point he shows us affection and we return the favor. He also gets along extremely well with any dog he meets and is very well-behaved around children and visitors, according to Anand, who spoke to The Dodo.

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