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Baby Horse Thinks She’s A Puppy As She Cuddles With Human

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Most puppies love to cuddle with people as much as they can. But they’re not the only animals that are playful and cuddly! Many baby animals want love just as badly as puppies do, and that includes baby horses.

In a heartwarming YouTube video, a woman interacts with the cutest, most lovable baby horse. The little foal wants to play and be loved so much that she acts like a giant puppy. It’s impossible to watch the video without saying, “aw!”

Foal Thinks She’s a Puppy

Sunny Bayne loves horses. So, when she saw a playful foal on the other side of a fence, her heart melted. The horse belonged to Glenmore Ponies, which is a place that has some of the top show ponies.

The baby horse kept galloping on the other side of the fence, begging Bayne to play with her. So, Bayne climbed the fence and welcomed the foal into her arms. To her surprise, the little horse came up to her without hesitation. After getting a good sniff of the human, the filly climbed onto her while wagging her tail.

The horse’s weight caused Bayne to topple over, and the foal laid on top of her. The two stayed on the ground, cuddling for the remainder of the video.

“I will say, I have been around hundreds of foals but not one quite like this. She is one in a million, possibly one in a billion. This was the sweetest thing that has ever happened to me!” Bayne wrote in the YouTube caption.

Greatest Day Ever!

In the video, Bayne happily announced that her interaction with the baby horse was the “best day of her life.” While Bayne snuggled with the foal, a larger horse, likely the mother, approached the duo to make sure the baby horse was okay.

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“I am in awe and complete shock that this video has went viral! I love horses with every fiber of my being. Horses have a way about them that touches my soul. This one truly touched my heart and soul,” Bayne said. “I could feel her love and curiosity. She walked all over me and I was okay with that because, I mean… look at her. Then we rolled around and played like kids. She melted my heart that day and I believe it’s safe to say that she melted a few million other people’s hearts.”

After watching this video, you might have the urge to cuddle with a foal. The way this one acted made her look like a big puppy!

Watch the Adorable Interaction Here:

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