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Jazzy Reunites with his Dad After Seven Years and Several States Away

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When dog parents lose a pup that’s gone missing for a year or more, they often give up on the search. But sometimes truths proves stranger than fiction, as was the case with Jazzy, recently found abandoned in a hotel room by the Orange County Animal Shelter in Florida.

“She had a bad case of arthritis, but was extremely sweet and gentle and allowed us to care for her as best we could.” The organization said in a Facebook post. “We knew in her condition she’d be hard to find a home for. People line up outside our doors for puppies and small dogs; seniors always get overlooked and ignored.”

However, in Jazzy’s case, she had be been microchipped. They located her original owners, a family residing in Texas. 

“When we called them, we gave them the surprise of a lifetime.  The organization said. “You see, Jazzy was 12-years-old, and she had been five when she had gotten spooked by fireworks and run away.”

After years of searching, Jazzy’s owner Kerry hopped on a plane to get his dog back.

“It was a tearful reunion, and it was incredible to watch Jazzy come to life at her owner’s voice,” the organization said. “Kerry was overjoyed and regaled us with stories about her. And Jazzy couldn’t take her eyes off him. She licked his hand and inched her body as close as she could to him.”

After all that time. “Her heart still remembered and was finally whole.”

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