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Golden Retriever Has A Seizure, But His Friend Tackles Him To The Ground

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If you somehow still don’t think dogs are the best, check out the story and video below:

“Laker, a golden retriever, has been suffering from seizures since he was around 3 months of age. Laker was diagnosed with seizures around 6 months of age by a dog neurologist and was placed on seizure medication. Since then, his seizures have become more controlled. At times, he will have episodes of running and crying with extreme confusion. These seizures are called psychomotor seizures.”

“Recently, I purchased a Furbo dog camera and it picked up Roxy, Catahoula cur, stopping Laker from an episode. She is not trained to do this but these two have a bond that I have never seen. They check on each other throughout the day and truly love one another. Roxy is protective of all of us in the home so it’s no surprise that she helps him but still such a blessing and surprise that she can.”

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