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Selfless Puppy Helps Dying Calf Who Was Born Out In The Freezing Cold

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On Valentine’s Day, a calf was born in sub-zero temperatures during a harsh winter storm. And she sat there lifeless and motionless. Fortunately, when they discovered her, the family brought her inside where it was warm. That’s when the puppy began lapping at her face!

Image/Story Source Credit: YouTube Video – Rumble Viral

The puppy, in its natural instincts, even volunteered to snuggle up with the calf and raise her temperature back to normal! Valentine, the calf, began to feel a little better and moaned. The dog would stay by her side until he was certain she had recovered completely.

Image/Story Source Credit: YouTube Video – Rumble Viral

When Valentine was able to stand on her own, she was taken back outside to be reunited with Mama to see if they would recognize each other. And you won’t believe how adorable the reunion in this video is!

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