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Woman Wept Over Lifeless Pup, Tried To Lift Her Stiff Body And Her Paw Twitched

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A woman was on her way to work on a very cold day when she spotted a dog lying on the ground. Her body appeared stiff and when the woman leaned down to touch her, she was ice cold. Assuming the woman was too late, she cried for the poor dog that had to die alone. But as the woman wept, the dog suddenly moved!

The woman was so happy that she wasn’t too late but she didn’t have much hope. Still, she took her to the closest vet clinic to see if they could save her life. She named the dog Varya. The vet was in awe when he met Varya. Her core temp was extremely low and her organs had begun to shut down. She was also in a coma.

Source: Paw Rescue, Varya’s Story

They began to run more tests and discovered that Varya had a brain injury as well as a fractured pelvis. She needed to be transferred to a bigger hospital that had state-of-the-art equipment. Varya would likely need surgery but she needed to be stabilized first. Varya was so brave the entire time. With IV fluids, antibiotics, blood transfusions, and pain medication, Varya finally woke up.

Source: Paw Rescue, Varya’s Story

Varya was stabilized and scheduled for surgery. Her rescuer gave her a big kiss and wished her luck. Varya did great. She had to stay in isolation for a few days in case of infection but she still got lots of love and attention from the hospital staff.

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Source: Paw Rescue, Varya’s Story

In a few weeks, Varya was cleared to go home with the woman who found her. She was so happy to be in a nice warm home! Her new mom gave her all types of food to try and Varya took nibbles of everything. She was finally being spoiled as she deserved!

Source: Paw Rescue, Varya’s Story

Wait until you see how far Varya has come since lying in that cold puddle. By the end of the video, she’s smiling and playing. Her tail wags are epic! Varya’s unfair life is forever behind her thanks to a kind woman and amazing medical workers. Every life is precious and anything is possible with faith and love.

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