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Mail Carrier Caught Taking A Break To Pet Pups

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We’ve all heard the old myth about dogs and mailmen, but one Texas dog dad is helping to bust that misconception wide open!

Aaron Hernandez has five happy-go-lucky Labradors – four yellow and one black. While perusing his CCTV home security footage, he noticed that a new mailman had taken over his neighborhood. To his delight, Hernandez observed the heartwarming bond the postal worker forged with his beloved pups!

He decided to share the adorable footage with the world and tweeted the video of his five fur kids joyfully greeting their new mail-carrying pal. Watch as he visits with each pup in turn, making sure to reach out for the shy guy in the right-hand corner!

Hernandez’s video has been retweeted nearly 33,000 times with dozens of comments expressing adoration for the kind-hearted mail carrier.

There is even one inquiry as to whether or not the hard-working animal lover is married!

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