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Confused Dog Refuses To Leave Porch After Family Moves Away

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A family in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, decided to leave one day and packed up their belongings. But they left a precious brown dog—something that was very important—behind. The dog kept dozing off on the porch, just outside the house he was familiar with. His family never came back to get him. He continued to wait.

Janine Guido, founder of nearby Speranza Animal Rescue (“Speranza” means “hope” in Italian,) received several calls from neighbors about a dog left behind. No one knew much more outside of that, she told The Dodo.

“All I was told was that his owners moved out and left him behind. I asked multiple other people if they knew anything about the dog and they just said, ‘They moved out.’”


When Guido got there, he made an effort to talk to Cupid the dog. The dog has been consuming food from the trash. Cupid hurried back to the door to knock when he spotted her, expecting to be allowed inside.


Guido got an idea after trying to feed the puppy for around 30 minutes while chasing him through alleyways. She started speaking soothing words to the dog. She had the impression that he knew she had come to provide a hand.

“It sounds dumb but I swear he knew what I was saying to him. He literally came over and sat down and allowed me to leash him.”

On the sorrowful images posted on Speranza’s Facebook, Guido repeated the tale of how she came to assist Cupid in a caption. The sentences were a letter to Cupid’s previous family.

“I cried as I put your dog into my car. And even though I probably sounded crazy I explained to your dog what was going on the whole ride home. Im so sorry you were let down. But I hope you realize we are here to help. And you will never be left alone again.”

The rescue has received more than 50 applications for Cupid, according to a report. There is a lot of interest in him, but he still has to be neutered and calmed a little more before he can be adopted. He’s obviously a good, loyal boy!


Resources For Rehoming Your Dog

If you or someone you know needs to rehome a dog for any reason, consider your many options alternative to abandonment.

  • The AdoptAPet website helps connect adoptable animals with interested adopters.
  • Discover your resources for living with an animal in rental housing.
  • Learn more about your local rescues and shelters that can help by entering your zip code here.

Here’s hoping Cupid’s next nap on a porch is by choice!

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  1. Thanks for saving sweet Cupid. I hope he finds the beautiful loving home he deserves