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Dog Asks Mom If She Loves Her And Mom Gives Her Undeniable Proof

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There’s nothing like the love between a pet parent and their fur baby! Their bond is unbreakable. When one pup snuggles up with her mama, there’s this look of utter adoration. Her expressive eyes say it all!

The sweet dog is infatuated for good reason: this kind woman gives her a comfortable home, all the toys and treats she desires, and of course, loads of affection. No wonder she looks at her mom like this!

As the two of them veg out on the sofa, and the pup gets nice and sleepy, Mom seizes the opportunity to remind her dog that she’s cherished. It’s a short video, but in that time, you can see what love’s all about. As the saying goes, love is all you need! Just ask this special dog!

A mother’s love is like no other. A father’s too! We’d love to hear about your furry love story. Do you have a special time you snuggle with your little lovey? Does your pet like kisses or hugs? Or both? One thing is for certain, a house with a pet makes a home. Do you agree?

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