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Dog Weeps Her Heart Out When She Hears Newborn Baby Crying For The First Time

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Bella the Boxer dog has always been her family’s darling. When Bella’s mom was pregnant with her daughter Malina, Moms had many inhibitions about how Bella would react to the toddler’s presence. But in her heart, Mom knew that Bella was not a jealous dog!

Source: ElectricNoodleSoup/YouTube

In this precious video, we see Bella’s reaction when she hears baby Malina’s cries for the first time. Malina is just out of the hospital and her parents have placed her in a walled-up crib for protection. While Malina might not be in Bella’s field of vision, she can definitely sense the baby’s fluctuating emotions.

Bella gets all worked up with anxiety the moment she hears Malina crying in her crib. She paces around and wonders how to help her distressed human sibling. Seeing no other option, Bella starts crying too! She lets out some heart-breaking whimpers around the crib and tries her best to alert her parents about Malina’s tears!

Source: ElectricNoodleSoup/YouTube

Mom was astonished to see her pooch’s motherly gesture toward her sibling. She revealed that Bella has always slept in Malina’s room ever since. Her world revolves around Malina and she would do anything for the little one! Malina’s definitely going to have the best buddy growing up!

Click the video below to watch Bella’s touching reaction to baby Malina’s first cries!

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