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Shelter Dog Reaches Through Kennel Bars To Shake Hands With People Walking By

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A kind person found Mac wandering the streets of Pasco, Washington, and brought her to the Tri-Cities Animal Shelter in the hopes that she would find a loving home.

Sweet, upbeat Mac started poking her paws through the cage bars, beckoning onlookers to hold hands in the midst of so many other dogs competing for attention.

Someone eventually did.

She was a volunteer favorite of mine and many others! Volunteer at the shelter Julie Saraceno told The Dodo this. ” fell in love with her the moment she barked at me through her kennel. ”

The black Lab mix was a cute and loving dog who was well-known at the shelter for her intelligence, love of humans, and excitement for walks.

Mac quickly realized that pawing at people through the bars would result in her receiving more love and attention. Additionally, it persuaded bystanders to give her extra treats. Saraceno uploaded a video of the Lab to social media in the hopes that Mac would find her forever family. The video quickly gained popularity.

This video is available to view here:

Messages from individuals requesting to adopt Mac started to arrive quickly. A woman from Montana who saw the video traveled a long distance to see if Mac was a good fit for her. Mac found her new home with them right away.

“I sobbed with joy.” declared Saraceno.

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Now that she is no longer confined by the kennel’s icy metal bars, Mac no longer needs to incessantly paw at people for attention because her devoted family is always close by.

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