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Border Collie’s Ingenious Recognizes 52 of His Toys, Going Viral

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One day, Sophie Gloss made the decision to test her dog’s memory. Bear, the perceptive Border Collie, began to recognize only 11 toys but has since come to recognize 52 and counting.

Where is your dinosaur, she initially questioned Bear? The dog then dropped to the ground, picked up the dinosaur, and handed Sophie the toy. She then inquires about the caterpillar, and to her amazement, Bear successfully snagged it.

The dog then properly recognizes the names of the pig, camel, snake, lobster, crocodile, dachshund, and walrus as the memory test progresses.

After that, Sophie posted on Instagram: ‘Bear can recognize up to 52 toys by name. It takes him five minutes to remember a new toy!’

Dogs are incredibly clever. But these findings reveal they have more sophisticated linguistic abilities than we give them credit for, and I really know dogs who can obey 75 distinct orders, according to Dr. Holly Root-Gutteridge of the University of Sussex.

“Dogs apparently developed the capacity to discern between the barks of other dogs so they could determine their sizes, and as we domesticated them, they began to pay attention to our language.”

A good guy! Watch this video to see the witty dog Bear:

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