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Stray Puppy Wanders Onto Naval Base And Finds The Hero He Needed

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Some dogs have all the luck, and such is the case with Griffon. The 6-month-old stray wandered the streets for so long that he’d all but given up on finding a family.

Then, his wandering led him into the arms of a man who saved him in the unlikeliest of places — an overseas naval base.

“A U.S. Naval Commander saw the little dog and immediately recognized he wouldn’t survive long alone in such a dangerous environment; scooping the pup up into his arms as he was reminded of his unit’s motto,

‘Those who arrive alive, leave alive’ and he knew it had to apply to this little soul too,” Paws of War, a nonprofit that provides service dogs to veterans and first responders, wrote on Facebook.

It wasn’t long before everyone on the base heard about Griffon and wanted to meet him.

The post added, “As the Commander took charge of caring for Griffon, he built a great attachment with the pup who follows him everywhere. Little Griffon was adopted by a family. Every everyone who meets the dog finds him to be a joy.

The hero commander, who shall go unnamed, has made the decision to adopt Griffon and bring him home with him when he returns to the United States. The commander and Griffon will be reunited shortly, according to Gary Baumann, a representative for Paws of War, even though there aren’t many specifics at this time.

“Griffon is a super pup,” Baumann told The Dodo. “He loves everyone and every dog he meets, and loves to eat. He is doing great.”

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“We hope to have a reunion soon,” Baumann said. “The commander is from Maryland and has a wife and kids to welcome Griffon home.”

To help dogs like Griffon, check out Paws of War.

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