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Miley Cyrus Welcomes Overlooked Stray Dog Into Her Home

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Daisy the Bulldog appeared at the fire station like many stray dogs do. The Fresno County firefighters were unsure what to do at first. They thought she might have somewhere to return to, so they waited. But sweet little Daisy didn’t budge. For four nights, she slept on the doormat outside the station, waiting for someone to love her.

After some consideration, Fire Captain Lucian Neely called his brother, who recently lost his Bulldog. His brother agreed to foster the dog, but Daisy still needed a forever home. Luckily, all her patience would eventually paid off.

Image: @wagmorpets/Instagram

The Waiting Game

One day, a family friend of Neely reached out to Wagmor Pets about Daisy. Of course, they instantly agreed to take her. They assumed she’d have no problem finding a home since Bulldogs seemed to be in high demand.

But Melissa Bacelar, the owner of Wagmor, soon realized that Daisy had a lot of medical concerns. They suspected that she was used for frequent breeding due to her rough condition. Despite it all, she seemed like a happy, affectionate dog. So, after some necessary medical attention, Daisy was put up for adoption.

Unfortunately, Daisy struggled to find a home. The rescue continued to post her picture on social media, but no one seemed interested. That is until singer Miley Cyrus spotted her.

Image: @wagmorpets/Facebook

From Rags to Riches

Cyrus expressed interest in Daisy about a month and a half after she had been put up for adoption. She wished she could adopt the pup, but she had her hands full with her other dogs and her new song, “Midnight Sky.” But she had already adopted at least five dogs from Wagmor so far, and she wanted to help yet another rescue pup.

“About a month and a half into her journey with us, Miley texted me and she said, ‘Listen, I can’t take another dog right now. But can I bring Daisy to set with me. I’m gonna be filming a video and I want to bring her to set and see if I could find her a home,’” Bacelar said.

Image: @wagmorpets/Instagram

However, Cyrus bonded with the dog even more than she expected. Right away, she renamed her Kate Moss, after the model. She ended up letting Kate Moss stay with her for longer than intended, but soon enough, she found a home for the pup. That home was with Cyrus herself, of course.

Cyrus continues to give Bacelar updates on her new family member. Kate Moss has quickly made herself comfortable in her new home, and she seems to get along well with her new dog siblings. Only a few months ago, the Bulldog was alone at a fire station, begging for someone to love her. But now, she’s finally getting the love she deserves.

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