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Woman Praised For Purchasing The House And Adopting The Late Owner’s Dog

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A new house is a significant investment. There are many things to consider while settling into a new bedroom, yard, or even neighborhood. However, one online user recently revealed how she simultaneously bought a new house and adopted the dog of the former owners.

Misty Ann, from Livingston, Texas, uploaded a video in February while driving to her new house and recording from the front before coming upon Ranger, an elderly dog.

The text overlay in the film, which has received more than 3.2 million views, says: “When you buy a house and adopt the late owners’ dog… You won’t be alone anymore Ranger.”

Misty Ann told Newsweek: “When I looked at the house to purchase the late owners’ son explained that due to his own medical needs he could not take ranger home with him but had been going to feed him daily. It had been approximately three months that Ranger had been staying alone—I offered to take ranger as part of the house purchase since mostly everything was left as it was when the owner passed.”

The American Association for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals estimates that every year, 6.3 million companion animals are brought into shelters in the United States. They predict that 4.1 million animals from shelters, including 2 million dogs and 2.1 million cats, are adopted every year.

TikTok users congratulated Misty Ann for welcoming the senior dog into her new home and flocked to the comments section to express their happiness.

“This brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for taking care of Ranger,” said one commenter. Another said: “I’m happy you’ve got a kind heart, most people would get rid of the dog. Thank you for accepting him into your life as part of your family.”

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Misty Ann has continued to post videos of Ranger, TikTok’s favorite senior dog, including recordings of him whining when told he needs to go outside and his endearing reaction each time his new owners leave the house. She frequently updates her followers on Ranger’s progress.


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“Ranger has been a handful. He is quite stubborn and set in his ways,” said Misty Ann. “He is demanding and likes lots of treats. He has been a pleasure to have and has made us feel comfortable and welcome in a previously unknown house. He runs the neighborhood without a leash and is known by the neighbors as the friendly watchdog.”

“We did the same thing when we got our home. Two beautiful dogs and a herd of cattle. The dogs have since passed away but I loved those dogs so much,” another viewer remarked.

Ranger is pretty old, has a sadly sick heart, and may have lung cancer, according to Misty Ann’s report from Ranger’s veterinarian. “But for now he is doing well,” she added. “The outpour of love for Ranger has been overwhelming and a great thing to be part of.”

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