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Man Skips Wedding To Rescue Dog Was Caught On Cam

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The internet has many animal rescue videos. These videos remind us that some people will have to make sacrifices and restore our faith in humanity.

The video of a man skipping a wedding ceremony to rescue a dog fits perfectly the one mentioned above. The video was first shared on Reddit and some netizens speculated that the incident was reported near the Lim River that flows through Montenegro.

In the three-minute-long video, a dog can be seen looking up at the concrete base near the overflowing stream. Within moments, a man decked up in a formal two-piece suit approaches the riverside to start his rescue attempt. The man removes his two-piece coat and tries to reach the struggling canine as the water continues to flow rapidly beneath the dog.

Another man enters the frame and joins forces with the man to rescue the dog. Lending a helping hand, he pulls the man from behind and saved the dog successfully.

As the video is close to the end, the man hugs another woman who rushes to the spot. The dog was seen following the man who rescued him. Giving the incident a sweet little ending.

Watch the Video Here:

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