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Dog Demands He Sit At The Human Dining Table Because He’s A Part Of The Family Too

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Rocko the dog never misses a beat when it comes to observing his humans. After an “in-depth study”, he has finally come to the conclusion that the dinner table is the place where family comes together to eat.

In this adorable video, he makes it known that he is a functioning member of the family who deserves his own spot at the dinner table!

Image/Story Source Credit: BViral via YouTube Video

When Mom declares that it is dinner time, Rocko is the first one to respond to her call! Before we know it, he picks a seat at the table and climbs atop it like a good boy.

Mom is startled to see Rocko sitting steady on the chair like a human and patiently waiting for his food plate!

Image/Story Source Credit: BViral via YouTube Video

Mom tries to subtly remind Rocko that this wasn’t exactly his dinner time yet, but the determined pooch refuses to budge from his spot.

He holds his ground and stays put with a solemn look on his face. He even stares Mom down as he demands his dinner on the table along with the rest of the family!

Image/Story Source Credit: BViral via YouTube Video

While it’s instinctive and comfortable for dogs to eat standing up, Rocko sure doesn’t care about following the boring doggie rules. This is his way of feeling like he belongs, so it only makes sense that he eats with his folks and is not alone in a random corner. We think Rocko’s arguments are pretty valid for he will always be an indispensable part of the family!

Click the video below to watch Rocko claiming his rightful spot at the dinner table!

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