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Concerned dogs rush to new mom’s rescue when she breaks down in emotional security footage

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The heartwarming scene was caught on camera by a security camera in the living room, and the video is now trending on TikTok.

When she posted the heartwarming video, new mom Drea Helton León received over 4.8 million views, 703,000 likes, and 6,000 comments.

The Ring captured a bonus son saying “I love you” to his stepdad for the first time. Security cameras have already captured heartbreaking moments, but these canines’ worry for their mother is hitting TikTok’s heart in a completely different manner.

Drea’s dogs are now demonstrating that animals may be more in touch with our emotions than we give them credit, much like the anxious pit bull that howls every time her small human tears.

In the video, which Drea’s living room camera unintentionally recorded, we witness the new mother cleaning up her house while her dogs observe, appearing already alarmed by her behavior.

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Drea collapses onto the couch and burys her head in her arms when her emotions suddenly overwhelm her.

Without pausing for a second, the distressed puppies run to Drea’s side and cuddle up next to her, undoubtedly doing their best to soothe the distressed mother.

While the majority of viewers were moved by the touching video, some said Drea faked the scene to get more views.

In contrast, Drea clarified in a subsequent video that she had put the camera in her living room to monitor her epileptic dog Simba, and that it had also happened to record the actual event.

We monitor his seizures and how frequently they occur. His neurologist enjoys observing how the seizures appear, she said. “I checked the video to make sure Simba hadn’t experienced any convulsions. When I realized I had that breakdown in front of the camera, I thought, “You know what, there are a lot of people who can connect to that moment, and if I share it, they’ll probably feel less alone.

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We are not deserving of dogs.

Numerous thousands of TikTokers flocked to Drea’s comment area to express their feelings about her moving video.

One user said, “Dogs are lovely souls.”

“Dogs are said not to have feelings. How do they interpret ours then? Mine does this when I cry too, said another user.

“They assured her, ‘Mama, it’s fine. We’ve got you. You’re doing fantastic. Animals are so great. We are here. Fantastic work! “, one user wrote.

Another one read, “Instant tears I felt every moment.”

“Dogs are not something we deserve. Momma, I assure you that things get better.

Another user said, “Motherhood is literally the most lonely, draining, and fulfilling job.”

Parents everywhere may realize they’re not alone in having hard days thanks to Drea’s candid footage, and people may come to respect animals’ wonderful spirits.

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