Hero Dog Becomes Their Foster Father After Discovering A Box of Orphan Kittens

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The streets of Greece are full of ancient architecture and tourists. Sadly, there are countless numbers of stray animals who roam those same streets. One of the biggest issues facing animal rescuers in Greece is that of abandoned kittens in the mountains. Unfortunately, many wild animals, like foxes, get to the kittens before they can be rescued. All of that changed when Aragon the dog made a feline discovery.

Aragon the rescue dog was taking a walk with shelter volunteers from SCARS. He began leading the rescuers towards a mysterious box. The dog discovered a box of kittens that would not have lasted much longer due to their location and hungry predators.

Once the kittens were taken to the rescue and given a checkup, Aragon decided to become their foster doggy dad! He played with them, snuggled and nuzzled them, and proved to everyone that dogs and cats can be the best of friends.

Our hearts melted as we watched the tender act of love between dog and kittens in this video:

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