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Blind Baby Shaking From Hunger Roamed Back And Forth And They All Passed Her By

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Imagine being this tiny in a big scary world and being all alone with no one to help you! That’s what it was like for this little one. The YouTube description says:

“It’s heartbreaking a poor little soul found on a street, starving and sick alone overlooked by everyone. She is around three months old, she was in pain, loneliness and suffered enough in her young life.”

Source: AnimalSTEP Official/YouTube

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We wonder how many people passed this poor wee one by and just kept on going. How many had the opportunity to save her and didn’t? She sat there, helpless, on a busy road.

The description continues: “She is malnourished, she is sick because she spent life without shelter, no proper food and very helpless. Someone found her in her horrible condition when she tried to cross the street to something to eat.”

Source: AnimalSTEP Official/YouTube

At three months old, she has suffered the unthinkable until one man comes to her rescue. Armed with chicken, he comes face to face with the starving little soul. She shakes as she walks because she is so weak and malnourished; you can see every bone in her tiny body.

Source: AnimalSTEP Official/YouTube

The shakey puppy sniffs the food. She realizes there is now hope. She can now have a full tummy. But she has a long way to go. She needs a roof over her head for the rest of her life. Proper veterinary care. And endless love.

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Thankfully, her rescuer takes her immediately to the vet. She will spend as many days as needed under medical supervision until her health and weight are in the normal range.

The vet believes she’s likely blind permanently.

Source: AnimalSTEP Official/YouTube

It’s unclear what will happen to this little girl– if her early life on the streets has caused her body permanent damage– but what we do know is that she will NEVER be alone again. Because her rescuer is now her new dad!

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