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UPS Driver Sees Dog Getting Dumped, “Delivers” Him To Safety

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In Stanislaus County, California, a UPS driver watched as someone dumped a puppy from their car, leaving the pup in the middle of a busy road. The driver sped away.

Afraid for the pup’s safety, UPS employee Jason Harcrow scooped up the 3-month-old Cairn Terrier before it got hit. Unfortunately, he did not catch the license plate on the car.

“I thought the car in front of me was going to hit it, then it went underneath mine and I’m looking out the mirrors and I had seen it dodging under my big tires,” Harcrow said in a story by Fox ktvu.

The two made a detour to the police station, where they called animal services. The folks at the county shelter immediately took it into their care.

The puppy, named Biscuit, was taken to the the Stanislaus County Animal Shelter so he could find his forever home.

It wasn’t long before this local celebrity found his forever home! Renamed Ernie, the adorable pup will never have worry about being homeless again!

Special thanks to Harcrow, Biscuit’s hero, who stopped everything to make sure this sweet little puppy was safe!

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