Woman Finds Helpless Puppy Trapped In Her Hot Mailbox

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Sometimes we get mail that we don’t expect, but it’s usually not living and breathing. Otilia Gaona and her dog Biscuit check their mailbox every afternoon during their walk. Yet, one day they found a delivery that they certainly weren’t expecting.

A tiny puppy was trapped in the mailbox, barely able to breathe! Gaona has never seen anything like it, and she’s still trying to figure out why someone would do this to a living creature. But most importantly, she’s grateful that she found the puppy before it was too late.

Image: Screenshot, WKRG YouTube

An Unexpected Delivery

When Gaona opened her mailbox, she saw two sweet eyes staring back at her. A puppy was stuck inside the hot mailbox, and she guessed he was only six weeks old. She said it’s common for stray dogs to wander around in Elberta, Alabama, but she’s never witnessed anything like this. The poor puppy was terrified.

“What would you think if you’re 6 weeks old and they leave you behind? He cried,” said Gaona.

Without hesitation, Gaona carried the puppy home with her. She gave him food and water, which he gladly accepted. He was clearly starving. After all, who knows how long he had been alone in that tiny mailbox?

Image: Screenshot, WKRG YouTube

Treat Animals with Respect

Shortly after, Gaona contacted a nearby animal shelter. They took the puppy in, and they’re giving him the medical care he needs. He will stay at the shelter until he’s able to find a forever family who won’t neglect and abandon him as his past humans did.

“It just makes me sad that people don’t value life anymore. If you can do that to a little dog that is defenseless you can do it to a child, you can do it to another human being. That’s just sad. We need to relearn the value of life,” Gaona said.

Image: Screenshot, WKRG YouTube

Gaona also wants to remind others that there are better options if you can’t care for your dog. Fellow animal lovers are almost always willing to help out other pet parents. Also, most shelters and rescues will take in surrendered animals with no questions asked. Anything is better than abandoning a puppy in a place where they might not survive.

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The pup is also lucky that Gaona happened to be home that day. If she hadn’t been around to check the mail, then this story would’ve had a tragic ending. Hopefully, this puppy will get a second chance at life in no time!

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