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Group Of Rescue Dogs Welcomes A Mini Cow To The Pack

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Janice Wolf has turned her lifelong dream into a reality at Rocky Ridge Refuge in North Arkansas. Anywhere from 50 to 60 rescued special needs pets and livestock call the ranch home at any given time – some permanent residents, others awaiting adoption. Nearly two months ago, Wolf and her team saved a baby cow named Moonpie from a livestock auction and her adorable relationship with the refuge’s 12 dogs has practically broken the internet!

Wolf cannot bear to attend these frequent auctions so she asked a friend to go in her place that day to see if there were any livestock in need of rescue. The friend spotted Moonpie, a rare miniature cow of 6 – 7 weeks old, still dependent on milk. She purchased her in order to save her from an unknown fate.

Back at the ranch, Wolf faced a dilemma. Being so young, small, and in need of frequent feedings, she couldn’t place Moonpie outside with the other rescued cattle. The weather had been consistently cold and rainy – too chilly for a little calf – and all of the refuge’s heated buildings were already occupied.

So as fate would have it, Moonpie ended up camped out in Wolf’s bedroom. All 12 of her rescue dogs also live inside her home. They are certainly used to critters of all kinds, and being an innocent babe, Moonpie simply accepted the pups as her new buddies. She became the awkward, messy #13 to round out their baker’s dozen!

Although all of the dogs were delighted with their new bovine playmate, one dog in particular really took Moonpie under his wing. Spackle is a white Bull Terrier who happens to be deaf. According to Wolf, he is always the first to mentor and protect the babies of the ranch. He and Moonpie formed an instant bond.

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I know what you are all thinking: doesn’t Moonpie make some massive cowpies? The answer is yes, but with the help of her 12 canine pals, she has learned to make them outside!

Moonpie is growing bigger and stronger every day with the help of her 12 “surrogate moms” who snuggle her and clean her face just like any good mama cow would do. With the weather growing nicer, she has even begun to spend more time outside and has been introduced to the refuge’s other miniature calf, Sooner.

She’s still a bit young to move outdoors with the other cattle or meet the entire Rocky Ridge menagerie – which consists of sheep, pigs, goats, chickens, capybaras, an emu, a water buffalo, a zebra, and more – but one day soon she will join the herd.

For now Moonpie, Spackle and the rest of the “pack” are enjoying being best inter-species buddies!

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