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Tiny Dog Uses Older Brother To Help With Everything

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Bella is a tiny dog in physical stature, but her taste for mischief is enormous. When she’s not able to get away with doggie shenanigans on her own, she has the perfect big brother to team up with. Not only is Hank the “big brother” because he’s older, he’s also much larger than Bella. Although she lives at home with her mom, Adriana Burkhart, Bella visits her grandparents where Hank lives regularly. The two have formed a unique bond when it comes to their teamwork.

Bella is almost always on top of Hank. Sitting, lying down, standing up, whatever; she’s always either sleeping on Hank or riding him around. They’re the perfect begging duo, because Hank is tall enough to stand just below the kitchen counter or table and when on top of him, Bella is right at eye level with the delicious people food.

“Pretty much every day Bella is at least laying on him,” Burkhart told The Dodo. “She’ll also jump on him when she needs a boost. She’s the smallest of our dogs so she gets on him when she needs attention. She’s used him as transportation around the house, a napping spot, a stepping stool, and even to get high enough to jump over a gate.”

She recently shared some photos of the duo on Twitter and the public has taken on a deep love for Bella and Hank.

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Burkhart wrote on Twitter:

Can we just talk about how my dog begs for food?

In turn, Bella offers Hank the fountain of youth. While she is only 2-years-old, Hank is 10. “Hank is getting pretty old so it’s good for him to have a dog like Bella that keeps him active — but he doesn’t have to try and keep up with her too much,” says Burkhart. “She entertains herself but loves to mess with Hank while doing so. He’ll run around with her but when he gets tired he can sit down and she’ll just hang out on top of him for a while. They are the best.”

Although each dog is wonderful all on their own, we certainly love seeing how they team up together!

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