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Adorable Dog Is Photographed With Signs That Say What Dogs Are Really Thinking

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Have you ever wondered what your dog would say if he/she could talk? What about their pet peeves?

Well, an adorable black and tan pup is shedding light on what dogs are really thinking. The little dog has its own Instagram page titled, “dogwithsign“. With a fitting tagline, “If you don’t sit for something, you’ll never get the treat.”

Over 10,000 people are following the little dog and anxiously waiting to see what the next protest sign will say. The dog has so far shared its thoughts on everything from the mailman to telling people to stop cutting treats into smaller pieces.

The protest signs are created on pieces of cardboard with the message written in black so they can be clearly read. The adorable pup then poses with the sign in its mouth throughout New York.

It all started with “Stop pretending to throw the ball,” with the tag ‘you know who you are’. Some of the more popular protests are “Stop blaming your farts on me,” and “Stop letting humans judge dog shows.” A few of the signs are tips or advise like, “Don’t trust the mailman,” or “Toilets are just big water bowls.”

While some of the signs may surprise you, most dog parents are in stitches because they all ring true. The protest has just begun with twelve photos taken over just a few weeks, so who knows what will be posted next.

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Follow the outspoken pup on Instagram for the latest protest and don’t forget to tell your friends. Must love dogs!

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