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12 Powerful Photos Of Dogs Being Rescued From Their Abusers

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These dogs are getting a second chance – and it started exactly when these photos were taken. These pictures capture the incredible moment in time where a sad story came to an end and a better, brighter future began.

For a dog who has had to endure a life of abuse, a rescuer is a hero, a savior, and a best friend all rolled into one.

Yesterday’s sad dog chained up and laying in the dirt will have a warm blanket and fresh water tomorrow.


In so many cases you can see that these dogs know that they’re being helped, and feel the relief of their rescue.

No matter what their story, no matter how scared or tired or hurt, these dogs now have someone who cares for them.

These dogs may have never known a nice belly scratch or a friendly smile. All of that changes once they’re rescued.

This all happens thanks to people stepping up and speaking our for animals who can’t speak for themselves.

We can show that for every abuser and abandoner, there are hundreds more of us who want to see dogs like these in happy homes.

Keep speaking up. Let people know the extent of abuse that animals face every day.

Even if it’s little by little, every single one of these lives deserve saving.

And every single one shows their gratitude – once they come out of their shells!

Be sure to speak up if you see animal abuse, and thank a rescuer every chance you get for the work they do in giving animals a shot at a better life!

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