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Homeless Beagle Puppy Becomes The World’s Cutest Police Officer

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When most people think of a police dog, they imagine a powerful German Shepherd or an intelligent Belgian Malinois. The last thing they probably picture is a clumsy Beagle puppy who barely listens to commands. But believe it or not, Auggie the Beagle puppy is just as much a member of the Susquehanna Township Police Department as any other dog. He might not sniff out bombs or catch bad guys, but he does something even more important. He provides love, comfort, and support for every person that walks into the police station. Best of all, he loves his job!

Image: @HumaneHBG/Facebook

Zero to Hero

Despite being such a beautiful young puppy, the police found Auggie as a stray. He wasn’t in great shape, but he was wearing a collar, so they assumed he had a family looking for him. Plus, he certainly was no stranger to being near humans.

“When I saw him, he looked a little lonely, and I went over to him and he was super friendly,” said Robert Martin, director of public safety.

Image: @susquehanna.police/Facebook

As much as they loved Auggie, they had to let him go. The officers brought him to the Humane Society of Harrisburg area, where he received the medical attention he needed. The police and the shelter did everything they could to find Auggie’s family, but no one reached out to claim him.

After one month at the shelter, the staff realized that no one was coming for him. But before they could put him up for adoption, the police officers stepped in. They offered to adopt Auggie and let him live at the station. Auggie seemed thrilled by this idea, so how could they say no to his sweet face?

Image: @HumaneHBG/Facebook

Auggie Rules the Station

Now, Auggie is the newest member of the police force. He isn’t trained to fight crime or anything, but instead, he takes control of the station. He also lives at the station, where he gets attention 24/7. Auggie has food, water, and of course, beds scattered throughout the building. His main role is to bring joy and comfort to the staff and those who visit the station.

Image: @HumaneHBG/Facebook

“If officers are coming off night shift and starting their day shift rotation, we might come in tired and quiet but as soon as we see Auggie, it changes the whole vibe in the department,” Officer Caroline Robinson said. “We immediately get a smile on our face and he’s all energetic and happy to see us, which brings some energy to us and definitely has a positive impact on our department.”

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Everyone is happy to have Auggie around, especially officers, citizens, and victims. He helps bring a smile to everyone’s face and helps make the police seem a little more approachable. He might not look like a regular police dog, but he sure does his job well!

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