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Dogs Were About To Be Euthanized, But They Hug Each Other And Refuse To Let Go

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In an ideal world, no dog would be homeless and every single one of them would have the perfect, loving home. But in the sad reality we live in, millions of dogs suffer on the streets or in a shelter, and eventually end up dying or getting euthanized. This is why the story of 2 abandoned dogs, Kala and Keira, becomes such a bitter pill to swallow. But fortunately, this one ends well!

When Kala the 10-month-old red Hound and Keira the 1-year-old Boxer ended up in a Georgia shelter called “Angels Among Us Pet Rescue”, they bonded instantly. The shelter mates became inseparable sisters and they were truly happy together, at least for a while. Sadly, no one ever considered adopting them and they ended up on the kill list.

On the day of their scheduled euthanization, Kala and Keira had tapped into the dread in the atmosphere. As the workers came to them with heavy hearts, the 2 terrified dogs hugged each other in their kennel and refused to let go. They wanted to live, and were desperately begging for another chance. That’s when one of the shelter workers clicked their hugging picture and posted it on their social media.

The sight of the 2 terrified dogs clinging to each other for comfort was enough to tug at people’s consciousness. Within a record 2 hours, a family came forward to foster Kala and Keira. The duo not only escaped the kill list, but also found the best home together a few months later. Their new parents, Pam and Wendy, are 2 best friends and roommates just like them!

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While Kala and Keira found their happy ending in the most heartwarming manner, their story is a reminder to all of us about the importance of rescuing homeless dogs. These kind souls have so much love to offer, and we must rescue them from the vicious cycle of rejections and kill lists.

Click the video below to watch how Kala and Keira’s heartbreaking hugging photo helped them find their happy ending.

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