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12-Year-Old Dog Cried Out For His Human After He Buried Him Alive In Woods & Left

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A twelve-year-old Spanish Mastiff, now named Titan, was buried alive in Jaén, Spain, and left to die.

Thankfully, he was found in a 50-foot ravine by farmers who were walking by the area between Santo Tomé and Quesada.

Titan was half buried and was in such bad condition. He was malnourished and was so weak that he could barely move, and had basically accepted his fate and given up on life.

But his fate would be nothing like he thought. The person who found him was able to rescue him just in the nick of time.

He was taken in by the TARA Association, where he is finally receiving the care he needs. He is expected to make a full recovery and is now enjoying his second chance at life in a foster home.

Second Chance Animals Rescue/Youtube

It’s unknown who buried Titan there, but there are many better options to go with if you can no longer care for your pet. Please contact a local shelter to discuss your options, and never abandon your animal.

Watch Titan’s rescue in the video below:

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