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Cruel Humans Tied Heavy Rock To Senior Dog & Dumped Her In River To Drown

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A senior Belgian Shepherd is lucky to be alive after she was rescued from the waters of the Trent River in Nottinghamshire, England.

A good Samaritan spotted the dog, named Bella, struggling to stay afloat in the river. This was due to a carrier bag that was tied to her, which contained an extremely heavy rock.

Thankfully, the woman was able to drag Bella out of the water and immediately notified the Nottinghamshire Police. They rushed her to the local vet for treatment, where she is now recovering and eating on her own. She will soon be placed in a foster home and then put up for adoption once she’s ready.

Nottinghamshire Police/Facebook

Officials immediately launched an investigation and said they are working with the RSPCA and conducting microchip inquiries to see if her owner has changed since she was originally recorded in 2010.

They have since arrested a 31-year-old woman and 32-year-old man, who was not named, on suspicion of animal cruelty. It’s unknown at this time whether or not these people were her previous owners.

Nottinghamshire Police/Facebook

Although an arrest was made, police are still asking the public for any information that they may know about the woman or this incident, including if there were more people involved.

“This was an evil and nasty thing to do to this poor dog and we are making every effort to find out who is responsible,” PC Adam Pace, from Nottinghamshire Police said in a statement. “We are lucky that the kind member of the public found and rescued her.”

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