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Child abandons their dog on park bench to keep relatives from abusing him

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There’s nothing worse than having to give up your beloved pet, but sometimes you have to make a difficult decision for its own good.

In one recent case, a dog was found abandoned on a park bench — and a note explained the heartbreaking circumstances that led him there.

On November 22, a dog was found tied to a park bench in Mexico City, according to the Daily Star.

We’ve seen many stories of neglectful owners ditching their dogs like this, but this situation was different.

Members of local animal group Mascotas Coyoacan found a note attached to the dog. It was written by the dog’s owner — a young child — and it explained they had given up their dog to protect him from abuse:

Please, I ask you to adopt this dog and take good care of him.

Leaving my dog here hurts a lot, but I made the decision because my relatives abused him and it was painful to see him in that situation.

So if you read this and you feel moved, please adopt him and look after him.

If not, please leave the letter here so another person can read it and adopt him. Thanks.

We can’t imagine having to make a choice like that at such a young age. It’s heartbreaking to think such abuse would force a child to give up their pet.

Mascotas Coyoacan said the note “broke their hearts,” and they quickly got to work trying to bring the dog in.

Max was of course very shy and scared and none of the locals had been able to approach the dog, but with kindness and patience a female volunteer was able to gain his trust.

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According to their Facebook posts, the rescue group had difficulty removing the chain and Max remained reluctant, but eventually they were able to get him to the car.

After a difficult life and heartbreaking abandonment, this dog is now in better hands.

He’s looking forward to a better future — and the rescue decided to give him a new name in honor of his second chance.

“With patience, sausage and love, the beast became this beautiful puppy recharging over my body and on my hand, sitting next to me,” the rescue wrote on Facebook.

“He will no longer be called Max … because he awaits a new life without remnants of his past life, of abuse and neglect” they added. “Now it will be Boston.”

Mascotas Coyoacan says they are now looking for a home for the dog, either as a foster or as a forever home.

It is tragic that abuse forced this child to give up their dog, but it’s clear that Boston is now on the path to a better life.

We hope he finds a good home soon! Spread the word about this dog by sharing this story!

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