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Man Finds Dog All Alone And Unable To Move At The Bottom Of River Canal

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In Indonesia, a homeless dog fell into a river canal and was trapped all alone. She hung on for dear life before eventually pulling herself up to safety on the slab of concrete. This is where she was found motionless and showing no sign of life. Rescuers didn’t even know if she was alive, but then her legs started shaking.

Source: Paws 4 Hope/YouTube

As they tried coming up with a plan, they spotted a ladder on the other side of the canal. The one man volunteered to lower down in and walk out to get to the poor dog. He carefully picked her up and got her back up to solid ground, but the dog was in bad shape.

Source: Paws 4 Hope/YouTube

They began treating all of her wounds and named her Donna. They’d have to give her water and feed her with a syringe until her condition could improve. And after a stay at the animal hospital, she was moved to a private shelter. Here, she started eating on her own! It wasn’t long before this sweet girl got her health back and started running around in the green grass with all of her new doggy friends! Now she just needs that forever home. ?

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