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Blind & Deaf Dog Stuck In Pipe Melts Into Rescuer’s Arms When She Knows She’s Free

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A blind and nearly deaf 15-year-old dog is now safe thanks to a construction company in Delaware County, Pennsylvania.

When Trixie went missing, her owner, Kathie Iannuzzi, looked everywhere for her, but to no avail.

It turns out that the Wheaton Terrier escaped through the fence of her Concord Township home, and managed to get stuck 50-feet into a 15-inch wide drainage pipe.

CBSN Philly

People heard Trixie’s cries for help, and MOR Construction quickly arrived at the scene with tools to help rescue her.

They knew the dog was in distress and that they had to act quickly.

Luckily, they had CCT equipment with a robotic camera that they tried to nudge Trixie with. With help from the camera, they were able to get a good idea of where she was and knew exactly where to dig in order to get her out safely.

CBSN Philly

Monitoring Trixie with the camera during the whole process, they were able to cut a hole in the cement pipe and pull her out slowly.

“When I was pulling her back out of the pipe she was kind of biting at the bar but as soon as I laid hands on her and pulled her out she just kind of melted against me,” camera operator Bob Marker told CBS 3.

Once Trixie was above ground, they hosed her off as she put her head on Marker’s shoulder. It was clear that Trixie knew Marker saved her life.

CBSN Philly

Trixie was happily reunited with her human, who was so relieved and grateful for the construction crew.

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Rescuers then made sure that the pipe was now securely covered so something like this wouldn’t happen again.

The rescue was all caught on video which you can watch below.

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