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Adopted Dog Was Afraid Of ‘Everything’, And One Night With His Brother Changed All

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Hedgie, a once frightened dog who had a tough beginning in life, has experienced a remarkable transformation. He was chained up outside by his first owners and never experienced affection until he was adopted by his new family. He was so terrified of everything that he would cower behind the table.

Image/Story Source Credit: Instagram and The Dodo

One night, Mason’s dog, Hedgie, wouldn’t stop barking. Concerned, Mason decided to bring him up to his room for the night. The following morning, Mason was amazed to see that Hedgie was a completely different dog! The two of them became inseparable friends who did everything together.

Image/Story Source Credit: Instagram and The Dodo

However, one day, Hedgie began having difficulties with walking and eating. The veterinarian diagnosed him with megaesophagus, but the family refused to put him down. Instead, they decided to use a special chair to feed him.

Despite his condition, Hedgie’s family knew that he was healthy and had a lot of life left to live. This is a heartwarming story of a dog’s journey from fear to joy.

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