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Dog Found Having Seizures From Heat Stroke After Dumped In Garbage Bin Finds Her Happy Ending

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No one would have known if Millie the dog died in the garbage dumpster. In fact, if she had been there one more hour, San Antonio Animal Care Services (ACS) most likely would have been taking her to the morgue and not their shelter.

Fortunately for Millie, someone noticed her and immediately called for help. The Labrador Retriever was suffering from heat stroke and covered in flies and maggot eggs when ACS came and pulled her out from under the garbage. ACS told KSAT 12 that they do not know how long she had been there before they received the call and found her having seizures in the dumpster.

“She was alive. She was breathing. She was panting very heavily, but she wasn’t responsive to us at all. She didn’t know we were there,” ACS Field Operations Supervisor Audra Houghton said.

After she was given emergency treatment and taken in by ACS, Millie was rescued by Lucky Lab Rescue and Adoption and taken to a loving foster home.

“We got her home and she just laid on the bed for probably 12 hours and just slept,” said Holly Dean, who took Millie home. For the past few weeks, she’s been resting and visiting the vet. Fortunately, it looks like Millie may not have any lasting ill effects from her heat stroke.

They guess that she is around 7 or 8 years old and thought to have had a home at one time, as she’s housebroken and crate trained. But Millie appears to have been neglected for some time and she’s not out of the woods just yet, as she has a bad case of heart worms.

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After just 2 days after arriving in Holly’s home, Holly said Millie loves to “crawl up on the couch to be held, pet and loved by me”.

Holly said because of Millie’s heartworm treatment, it will be at least least two months before Millie is available for adoption.

Flash forward a few months and we’re happy to report that Millie has fully recovered and is healthy and now lives THE life with her adoptive family. She enjoys snoozing on beds and couches, going on daily walks and being happy! Who ended up being her new family? The photo tells the story!

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