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Police Respond To Call About Intruder & Discover That The Culprit Is…A Dog!

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When police answer calls for help, they can never be sure what to expect or how dangerous a situation may be. So when they arrived on the scene of a potential intrusion, they were prepared for the worst…but ended up getting a really good laugh!

Deputies from the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office received an emergency call from an 18-year-old man who believed an intruder had broken into his home. He said that his dogs were barking like crazy, and he heard strange noises coming from inside the house. The man had corralled his pups into a room while they waited for the police to arrive.

Once deputies were on the scene, they started to investigate.

“We came out and he’s all afraid, thinking there’s a prowler in his house,” department spokesperson Spencer Crum said of the caller in The Dodo. “Several deputies arrived and went in the house, a couple of others stayed outside to search the exterior.”

What police found was truly shocking, to say the least. The “home intruder” was actually…a Great Dane!

“One of the deputies outside the house heard this scratching noise. He shined his light around the house and saw this dog sticking his head out a skylight on the roof. The deputy said — and I quote — ‘At that point, we ditched all tactics and died laughing,’” Crum told The Dodo.

Amidst the chaos, the caller hadn’t accounted for the biggest member of his pup pack. It seems that the Dane had gone upstairs and found the skylight, and was tall enough to poke his head through. As he kept an eye on the neighborhood, this “watchdog” had no clue that he was causing such a disturbance!

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“Apparently, the little dogs had been freaking out because they couldn’t get up there,” Crum explained in the story.

What a relief that seemingly scary call turned into a hilarious misunderstanding. We’re glad that these deputies got to enjoy a good laugh that night, and all ended well.

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