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4 Stray Dogs Wait At Hospital Door When Homeless Man They Love Gets Sick

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Friendship is a powerful thing. For four homeless dogs in Brazil, their best friend, and their lifeline, is one homeless man who thinks about their needs above his own.

A homeless man, named César, went to the local hospital for a chronic health issue. Most patients, when they have visitors, have human friends or family come by. But not César. He had an entourage of four-legged friends glued to the door, eagerly waiting for their favorite human to be discharged.

Cris Mamprim/Facebook

The loyal pack, obviously overwhelmed with concern, sat by the door at 3:00 am when César arrived. Staff member, Cris Mamprim, was floored by how well-fed and cared for the dogs appeared to be. César admitted that he would often go without the food he scavenged for extended periods of time to be sure that the dogs ate.

©️Cris Mamprim

Hospital workers were incredibly moved by the sight. They allowed the dogs inside where they shared a meal with César.

Cris wrote on Facebook (via translation):

With so many people out there, I came across this scene today. At the hospital in which I work, at 3 am, while its owner (Street Dweller) was being answered, his companions waited at the door. A simple person, without luxury, who depends on help to overcome the hunger, the cold, the pain, the evils of the world, has by his side the best companions, and the exchange is reciprocal. Exchange of love, affection, warmth, understanding,. A person who confessed to us that stop eating to feed them. I don’t know what his life is like, because he’s on the street, and I don’t even want to know and judge him, but I admire the respect and love he has for Seeing them like this, waiting on the door, just shows how much they are well care and loved. Oh if everyone was like this…. if there was no evil, mistreatment…. ?????

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After about an hour of treatment, César was ready to go. He and the four dogs left together, happily. Their tails wagging and their heads held high.

Ok, seriously, does it get any sweeter than this?

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