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Patient Dog Watches As Little Girl Gives Him A Thorough “Medical Examination”

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Kids who get to grow up in a household with dogs are definitely lucky. In this video, we see the beautiful bond between a little girl named Brooke, and her huge doggie sister, Nala.

Apparently, Brooke is an aspiring vet who thinks Nala is a perfect candidate for her “first patient”, but the pooch is clearly not ready for the impromptu “vet visit”!

Source: DailyPicksandFlicks/YouTube

We see Nala happily lounging on the couch when Brooke hops into the room with her purple box of “medical tools”.

Nala’s eyes widen and she makes a hilariously dreary face as Brooke lays out the spooky plastic tools on the couch.

The freaked out dog literally freezes in fear, but her next gesture totally has us smiling!

Source: DailyPicksandFlicks/YouTube

Despite her fears, Nala decides to be a brave girl for the sake of her doting human sister.

Like a stoic soldier, she sits without moving a muscle and lets Brooke check her ear flaps for any “medical anomalies”.

But by the time Nala realizes that the tools are harmless, Brooke throws in a whole new challenge for the dog!

Source: DailyPicksandFlicks/YouTube

We can barely stop laughing as we watch Brooke “bottle feeding” the big dog with utmost dedication.

Nala appears visibly shaken as she plays along, but it looks like she’s willing to jump through hoops to make Brooke happy! What a sweet dog!

Do keep an eye out for the epic reaction of the family’s other dog cautiously lurking in the background!

Click the video below to watch Nala being super patient while Brooke gives her a through “health checkup”!

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