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Mourning dogs comfort each other after their owner dies to save them

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We all know how hard it can be to lose a pet, but it’s also devastating for an animal to lose its owner. In addition to the emotional impact, an owner’s passing means they need to find a new home.

That is the case for two dogs, who are left looking for their next chapter after their owner died trying to save them—and right now all they have is each other.

Kris Busching always loved his dogs Tonka and Little P more than anything in the world.

He was also an avid hiker, and always took the dogs with him on his adventures.

But on a hike in Colorado last week, things went terribly wrong.

Kris was on the hike with the two dogs and his friend Mark, and teh group became lost. After being lost for two days without adequate supplies, they were in desperate need of water.

Kris spotted a creek, and trekked down the canyon to get water. The dogs were by his side. But suddenly he lost his footing and stumbled as he tried to pull the dogs to safety.

The three fell to the bottom of the canyon, and tragically Kris died on impact.

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The next day a rescue team found Mark after he lit a signal fire. The rescue team went and rescued the dogs… who, sadly, had never left their deceased owner’s side.

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My boys

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The dogs were brought to Kris’ family, but as they were grieving and overwhelmed with funeral expenses, they were unable to afford the dogs’ much-needed medical treatment.

While they survived the fall, Tonka had a broken leg and Little P had a suspected broken jaw and needed an x-ray exam.

Luckily, an animal nonprofit called Mr. Bones & Co. stepped in to help. They took the dogs into their care, and, raising money through a GoFundMe page, were able to get the dogs the treatments they needed.

“[We] will honor their dad by ensuring they receive the medical treatment they need,” the GoFundMe page reads. “We will work tirelessly to find one adopter for BOTH dogs so they may stay together and heal from the trauma.”

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Despite losing their beloved owner and having their lives turned upside down, these dogs still had each other.

Tonka went into surgery for his leg, and in a precious moment his brother wouldn’t leave his side, staying there to comfort him.

“Their bond is epic,” Mr. Bones and Co. wrote on Instagram. “The level of loyalty and love that radiated from these two … needs no further caption.”

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“His bond with Little P is forever.”

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THEIR BOND IS EPIC. We are searching for a home for two boys who lost their world suddenly when their dad @theworld_is_yours_87 died protecting them on a hiking accident last week. The level of loyalty and love that radiated from these two as big brother TONKA was admitted to our emergency animal hospital @amcny so that his leg could be saved needs no further caption. His bond with LITTLE P is forever. . If you are an active home prepared to give these boys the world their dad intended for them, please complete the application at We will consider all states within driving distance of New York City. . #adopttonkaandlittlep #oneluckypup #rescueisthenewblack #bondedpair

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These dogs need a home! The shelter is taking applications, looking for someone within a driving distance of New York City who can take in both dogs.

If you are interested, you can contact [email protected] or visit their adoption page!

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