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Corgi Born With Two Noses And One Eye Defies The Odds

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Gaining quite a bit of popularity on social media is an adorable little corgi named Nekku. But she’s not your average corgi, she’s got a birth defect that has led to a very unique appearance. Instead of one nose, this pup has two! But she’s only got one eye. In addition, she also has two fused vertebrae.

When she was born, both the vet and the breeder believed that she should be put to sleep because of her defects. However, Jarmo Korhonen from Finland saw her and wanted to give her a chance. He bought the pup and brought her into the fold of his family, which included two other corgis, Niisku-Neiti and Karkki.

Nekku has grown up to be a happy corgi, now 8 years old, who is living her best life in the Finish countryside. Her owner, a 38-year-old researcher, has already shared that some people have joked that the pup’s name should’ve been Beretta because of the appearance of her two noses like a double-barreled shotgun.

Jarmo has also stated that when walking with Nekku in the city, they get stopped a lot. People love to stop and ask the owner questions about his dog – particularly about her two noses which give her such a unique appearance. But people seem to like her, the owner observed.

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Even her fellow dog siblings seemed curious about her birth defect. According to Ladbible, the owner shared that when Nekku was a puppy and he first brought her home, he’d often catch Niisku-Neiti staring at the little pup’s face.

Jarmo further elaborated about Nekku’s origins. Apparently, she came from parents who were show dogs and did quite well in their circuits. The two were bred with the intent of producing strong and healthy pups. However, something clearly didn’t go right with Nekku. But that was okay because Jarmo loved her anyways.

He shared that the breeder didn’t think she’d last long after birth, or if she did, that she’d have a very difficult life. The vet also was not convinced that she’d be able to lead a normal life. But Jarmo wanted to at least try, so he didn’t pursue the suggestion of euthanasia.

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Nekku has since retired to the countryside where she lives with Jarmo’s mom. The pup still gets regular playdates with Niisku-Neiti and Karkki. And despite the expectations set out for her at the beginning of her life, Nekku has continuously defied the odds.

Jarmo made the decision to let Nekku live in the countryside with his mother so that she could roam freely since she regularly has trouble with depth perception and would often end up hitting or bumping into things with her head. It worked out to be a decent move, since Jarmo’s mother is delighted to have the corgi with her.

She continuously lives her life to the fullest, and all her countryside adventures get documented on her Instagram page, alongside her siblings.

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