Have you ever seen a corgi who wasn’t just the most adorable thing ever? No. Thought so!

1- This good boy who just wanted to dress up like an elephant:

2- This lil’ pup who has the most boopable nose boop:

3- This corg who just needed a self-care day:

4- And this corg who is totally saying, “Okay, enough paying attention to the road, now pay attention to me!”:

5- This hungry boy who can’t enough of the peanut butter:

6- This happy boy who is just enjoying a run at the beach:

7- And this happy boy who is just enjoying a run through the park:

8- This chef-o who has a palate for more than just dog treats:

9- This lil’ guy who def is not sharing his bone:

10- This nature boy who found the most perfect hiding spot:

11- This tuckered-out lil’ pup who just wants to snuggle with his stuffed animal:

12- This handsome pup who knows this is totally a ‘gram-worthy shot:

13- This pup who knows he looks so good in his bandana:

14- This cutie who is just taking in all the snow:

15- This little pup who is just enjoying watching the world go by as he sits on the bench:

16- This good boy who is just enjoying a swim:

17- This precious angel who is just giving the cutest stare ever:

18- And this precious angel who is just enjoying a belly rub:

19- And finally, this good boy who knows corgis have the cutest butts:

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