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Millionaire spent his fortune turning slaughterhouse into dog sanctuary

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We can all imagine what we’d spend our money on if we were a millionaire: cars, a nice house, etc. But one millionaire decided to be incredibly selfless, using his fortune to save the lives of thousands of dogs instead.

Wang Yan became a millionaire running a steel business in the city of Changchun, China. But all the money in the world couldn’t replace his beloved dog, who suddenly went missing years ago.

After searching everywhere for the dog, someone suggested a grim last place to check: the slaughterhouse.

The city has a large stray dog population, and many of these dogs have been captured, butchered and sold in the cruel dog meat trade.

Sadly, Wang Yan did not find his own dog in this horrible place… but what he saw there changed his life.

He knew he had to do something—and found a miraculous way to help the dogs: he bought the slaughterhouse… and converted it into a dog sanctuary!

According to Metro, he has spent a huge amount of his fortune on the project. He bought the slaughterhouse for $400,000, and funds the shelter out of his own pocket… even if it means going into debt.

“I don’t accept monetary donations, I only hope that kind-hearted people will be able to donate a few supplies to help,” Yan told Metro.

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But his sacrifices have seen incredible results: as of 2015, Yan took in 2,000 dogs from the city area and helped 200 get adopted.

It’s always nice to see anyone go out of their way to help dogs, but for this man to spend so much of his own fortune to save these dogs’ lives is truly incredible.

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