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Dog with ‘wonky’ face finds loving family and is training to be a therapy dog

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All dogs are worthy of love and a good home, no matter what they look like. But sometimes it can be hard for “different” looking dogs to find acceptance.

But one dog’s inspiring story shows that there are people willing to look beneath appearances to see the beautiful dog underneath… and the great things that they can do.

Brodie, a German Shepherd and border collie mix, had a very sad start to life: as a young puppy he was attacked by his own mother. The attack left him with severe cranial and facial injuries, according to Metro.

He is now partially blind and has a permanently slanted face.

Young Brodie spent the early days of his life recovering, but while he survived, sadly things did not get much easier from there.

He was adopted as a puppy from the kennel, but was soon returned for being “too hyper.”

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The kennel tried to find Brodie another home, but despite their efforts it didn’t seem like anyone wanted him.

But then, a miracle happened.

Amanda Richter and her boyfriend Brad Ames saw the posts about Brodie, and immediately fell in love.

“I looked at his photos every day and even cried a few times. We felt drawn to him for some reason,” Amanda told Metro.

They drove down to meet the dog, and quickly hit it off. They went for a walk with Brodie and knew it was meant to be.

“[We] ended up bringing him home the same day because the rescue really felt we were a great fit,” Amanda said.

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Boop my nose? ???

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Many people would’ve turned the dog away because of how he looks, but this couple loves him the way he is.

And while his old family gave him up for being too hyper, Amanda says it’s nothing they can’t handle. Brodie is smart and can quickly learn tricks.

“He just needed patience and someone to be consistent,” she said. “He gets better every week.”

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While his head might be misshapen, he’s still a totally normal dog: he is smart, happy and playful.

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In fact, his owners now believe he could really do good and help others.

“We hope to train him to be a therapy dog one day so he can help other people with disabilities,” Amanda said.

“We also hope that we can raise awareness for other special needs dogs and show people that just because someone or something looks different, they can be perfectly imperfect in their own unique way.”

How amazing! Not only did Brodie overcome the odds and find a loving home, but now he can help others in his situation, too.

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